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Intelligent Battery Management System (Charger) for Sealed LA Batteries.
This unit can be used for 12V or 24V SLA batteries (with suitable mains transformer) and the charge rate can be selected for 1,2 or 3 amperes.
The unit has audible as well as visual indication of the state of the battery to be charged with indication for faulty batteries, reverse polarity, short circuits, open circuits, charge in process, battery charged etc. Should a low / discharged battery charge up too quickly due to diminished capacity, the charger will detect this by giving a fault indication.

The design of this unit allows the user to leave the charger on permanently without fear of overcharging or hardening/ loss of electrolyte. We are confident that with the proper use, this unit will give you trouble free service for as long as you need it.

Super Little LA Charger

Open Frame module

Input Power 220Vac / Output Power Galvanic Isolation, Regulated, Charging 12 / 24Vdc @2A

Charger Power Indications: Blue (Power On), Red (Fail) Buzzer / Amber (Charging) / Geen (Charged)

Microcontroller Based Control Circuit / Input / Output / PCB mounted / Connectors


Sealed lead-acid 7-Ah gel battery charger

This battery charger caters for either 12V or 24V sealed lead-acid batteries of 7Ah capacity with a selectable charge rate of 1 or 2 amps. The AC voltage requirements are 18V AC for 12V batteries and 30V AC for 24V batteries. This voltage is applied via a screw type terminal block on the Pcb. The output voltage to the battery is via a similar terminal block. The control circuit is embedded in a 16F818 PIC microcontroller integral to the unit. It is offered as an open frame unit intended to be fitted into existing equipment. Also provided onboard are status led indicators. The green mono colour led signal is system status.Batteryparameters are sampled every second and the unit incorporates a feature that will limit rapid voltage and current transitions. More than adequate heat sinking is provided for poorly ventilated enclosures that eliminate forced air-cooling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Start check

When connected to a suitable transformer and switched on, the blue power led will light up and the charger will do a battery type test. If the connected battery is above 16.8 Volts, it will assume a 24 Volt battery. If below 16.8 Volts then a 12 Volt battery is indicated. If no load (battery) voltage or reverse battery polarity is applied, then the buzzer will sound intermittently at a 1 second rate with the bi-colour led set to red. Once the battery type is determined with a battery connected correctly, another voltage test is performed. This is a minimum/maximum voltage test. If the voltage is below 9 Volt for a 12 Volt battery or below 18 Volt for a 24 Volt battery, the battery will be considered as faulty, and charging will not start. The buzzer will sound at a 1 second rate with the bi-colour led set to red. If the terminal voltage is above 13.9V or 27.8V the battery will be considered as fully charged and revert to that condition. (See completion)       


If all of the above are correct, then charging will commence. The Green Led will flash to indicate circuit operating correctly and the bi-colour led will turn amber to indicate charge in process. The charging current applied will be limited to the onboard switch setting of 1A or 2A. During the charging process, the charging current and terminal voltage is monitored once every second. Should the charging current fail to rise to about 80% of the required value, or the terminal voltage fail to rise at a rate of more than 1 Volt/minute or the terminal voltage fail to reach 12V or 24V after 1 hour’s charging, the system will terminate the charging process and the buzzer will beep for 1 second every 3 seconds. The bi-colour led also reverts to red.                                                                                                           


When the terminal voltage reaches 13.9V or 27.8V the charging process is terminated. This is indicated with the bi-colour led turning green and a 10 second burst from the buzzer. No subsequent float charge is applied. The system will now monitor the terminal voltage and when a lower limit of 11.5V or 23V is reached, the charge cycle will re-commence.

Suitable for all Lead Acid batteries